And so it begins…

Ok, I’ve got to be honest.

I always thought there were two types of women: those who blogged every detail of their day and those who did other things with their few moments of spare time, such as sleep or do good deeds for others or something. I always saw myself as a journal-writing gal, more of a keep-it-secret type who was content scribbling down my own thoughts I assumed only I would be interested in. Oh, and I’ve always had this romantic notion that one day I’ll give all of my journals to my husband-to-be so he can literally know ALL my secrets, and then he would fall even more in love with me and we would REALLY live happily ever after, blah blah blah. Sweet? Too much? Anyways, after reading a few blogs of friends and giving the idea about 5 minutes of consideration while my students were for once quietly working, I decided to take the plunge. That’s right, I’m trying this whole blog experience. Thoreau said to “write while the heat is still in you,” so what better time than the present?

I am really quite lousy at introductions, so I’ll just jump right to the good stuff. I’m a 20-something Southern girl who believes pearls go with everything and yes, I wear them when I go running and grocery shopping. Music is what makes life so beautiful, and it is commonplace for me to speak in lyrics – you have been warned! As for the wonderful people in my life, get excited, because they are such a source of light and laughter – there is never a dull moment and I can’t wait to share all of our shenanigans. Oh, and I guess I should go ahead and mention that I am a sap when it comes to romance, and YES, I really do wear my heart on my sleeve and my feelings are written all over my face. Tis’ a blessing and a curse.
As for everything else, you’ll see.

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