Oh my mother.

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she decides she has no desire to speak to her mother for an extended bit of time, or in my case, until I see her at my best friend’s wedding next weekend. While my mother and I differ on many an issue and we fought for most of the 90s, we typically stay off each other’s toes…with the exception of times like yesterday. I don’t know what got into her, she snapped and like word vomit she started expressing her “concerns” about every little thing she thinks she knows about me and my life, currently. I was exhausted and having an off morning, and she took that and ran with it – all of a sudden I’m a sad girl who has lost her self-confidence and ability to be happy. Excuse me, what? I believe I actually laughed at this notion, since I am a very happy person who typically deals with the tough stuff and laughs at most everything, see also this little blog. She went on forever it seemed, voicing her “concerns” and telling me that she remembers what it was like to be 20 something and that she knows more than I think, blah blah. Mother, I do love you and I think very highly of you, but at 24 you were entering your 7th year of marriage and were trying to get pregnant. Little different there. It’s tough for her to really grasp the concept that I’m a big girl, living in my own house in the “big city” and happy with my friends and life I’ve created here. She wants to feel needed, I get that, but talking nonsense and trying to pry is no way to strengthen our relationship. She ended the conversation in true Mom fashion by telling me that my hair looked great, a supposed bandaid for her ridiculousness I assume. Ohhhh brother.

I haven’t heard from her since and I predict it will be a few days. I’ll be silent and she’ll call and apologize for her craziness. I just want to go ahead and put it in writing that if I am lucky enough to have my own little girl one day I solemnly swear to remember what it’s like to be me at this age.
Eh, it’s always something. Every mom I know has lost her S. Or every mother in law, for that matter. Take my bff Ashley, for example. She is getting married in two weeks and her future mother-in-law just sent her an email of all the items she is “expecting to receive” from Ashley, including a list of all of her own family members who were invited to the wedding. Mother dearest, indeed.

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