SEC, Drugs and Unmentionables.

Dating in your 20s is comical. With highs and lows only comparable to a sub-par romantic comedy, finding that special someone that you enjoy being around for longer than 10 minutes can be challenging at times. There is no such thing as a “type,” and although it is no secret that I tend to flock towards a good SEC haircut and Southern charm, I am realizing more and more that attraction is surprising and often times sporadic. You don’t always get what you want, and what you end up wanting may surprise you.
One of my most lovely friends has recently started dating a very sweet, ex-drug dealer, yes, he used to sell narcotics, who has a sleeve and several, ahem, unmentionables pierced. Now before you start asking the inevitable, judgmental questions, don’t. He’s adorably wonderful to her and she likes him; all signs point to go. I’m happy because she’s happy, and a bonus is that she is no longer concerned with her ex, a squeaky clean yet immature dope that could never seem to make up his mind, let alone answer a text. Did she ever expect to fall in like with a guy whose past reads like an episode of “Weeds?” Probably not, but the adventure has begun and she can’t seem to stop smiling.
So go forth! Date without abandon. Don’t be shy. Isn’t this what our youth is for?

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