these guys.

Ok, so I’ve woken up with this song in my head for the past two, ok three weeks. With old-school cool lyrics and a steady beat, how could you not love the first single off the Black Keys’ latest and greatest, El Camino? The video, featuring an aspiring actor who should seriously consider sticking to dancing, only makes it all the more awesome. Auerbach wails “I’ve got a love that keeps me waiting” while Carney pounds it out on the drums, perfectly telling the tale of a twisted love affair…always an excellent premise for a hit song, if you ask me.

Oh, and I hear that the Keys we love so much are filming a video in town this weekend for one of my other favorites off the new album, “Gold on the Ceiling.” Needless to say, I’m very excited about all this new music! Make your Christmas extra merry and go buy the album. After you watch this video 2-3 times, of course.

Mazel tov!

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