Hello, Lover: 2012.

Curtains to another year, and a big hello to 2012.
Most of you, us, welcomed the new year in while nursing a beverage with 3-65 of our closest friends while we noticed the ball drop on a distant television set. Perhaps you attended some sort of themed party and wore entirely too much eyeliner. Or maybe you had a little too much champagne (!!!) and found yourself singing “auld lang syne” with such conviction that you acquired two “whaaaaat?” looks and one firm-ish marriage proposal.

However you chose to do so, you rang in the new year and woke up this morning, or mid-afternoon, to start fresh. A clean slate! If you aren’t breathing a little easier right now, you should be. Sure, I’m not one of those girls who buys in to all that “new year, new you” babble that you skim in Cosmopolitan, but I am all about lists and setting goals with every intent to achieve. No no, I am not going to bore/entertain you with my resolutions that I have made for the new year – you’re welcome.
However, as for me and my house, when it comes to resolutions for the new year, I suggest aiming low. Reach for your shoelaces, not necessarily the stars. For instance, this year I will wear shirts and use electricity. All of these achievements are in fact possible. Know what’s probably not possible? Giving up [insert addiction here], deactivating your Facebook account, and becoming an astronaut all in the next 12 months. In all seriousness, be an achiever of great things – you can do it! – but make sure they are feasible and not a complete waste of your time and thanks to your resolution-induced Pure Barre classes, newfound energy.
So go get em’, tiger. Stop planning and scheming and DO something. Take action. Love people. Work hard so you can then play harder. Resolve to be an even better version of yourself in the coming months. And in the words of the Avett Brothers, “maybe I don’t have to be good but I can try to be at least a little better than I’ve been so far.”

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