No kitten heels.

Ah, self-control. Exhibiting discipline over one’s self. Being in my twenties and more importantly a female I have generally viewed this as a nice sentiment but far too daunting to master. However, I vowed when I turned the big 25 and became a real adult that I would do better. I would go further, try harder, you know push myself. Let’s get specific.

I’ve tried this first with the health and wellness regimen – to be more disciplined with working on my fitness. I started Pure Barre classes again, and I now know one thing for certain – PB is evil but highly effective. Who knew your muscles could shake so much from exhaustion and that a 55 minute class could make even your hair hurt? Every time I’m on my tiptoes, cursing life and tucking to an unidentifiable techno song, I think about something less painful and tuck a little tighter. “Get on your highest toes, think 6 inches – we don’t believe in kitten heels!” – actual quote from instructor.

I further exhibited self-control whilst standing beside Patrick Carney waiting for pad thai takeout. Considering that I was in my vehicle blaring “Mind Eraser” just minutes before said encounter, it was an act of God that I didn’t just awkwardly stare. Or hug him. I was pretty normal, for me, with just a dose of awkward admiration during our conversation. Here’s hoping the admiration outweighed the latter.

And now to the ole’ job. First, let’s be clear: middle school kids are the worst. They ask too many questions, they’re super needy, they smell, they can’t be subtle about ANYTHING and only a few of them can respond to sarcasm. Despite all of these things, a big part of me loves them, thus why I’m attempting to teach them how to read. However, when one of them randomly started rapping “I like it when you call me big pa-pa” during an exam, I had to count to five in order to not lose my S. Hello, self-control.

Now, with all that being said, feel free to lose control every so often…to keep life interesting, of course. Skip your workout one day and go to happy hour and laugh to burn those calories that you aren’t really too concerned about anyways. Next time something really awesome happens, like say you run into Ben Folds while picking up coffee only after meeting your possible soul mate in the parking lot, make it your facebook status and/or tweet that. You know you want to. Maybe call up (insert his/her name here) and tell them that despite your best efforts that you miss them -chances are, they miss you. And hey, you can always blame it on your momentary lack of self-discipline.


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