here’s something to talk about.

Conversations about relationships keep me young. Whether it's overhearing two friends recovering from a tiff over something ridiculous or listening to your friend's reaction to your close-to-perfect first date, conversations centered around relationships are never dull. Relationships get sticky, communication bobs and weaves and how do we deal? We talk about it. On any given [...]

Olympic Hangover.

For the past two weeks we have spent questionable amounts of time cheering on men in spandex and  obsessing over sports we did not know existed. What other event could (peacefully) unite every country on the globe and manage to bring the Spice Girls back? Only the Olympics. Sadly, like all good things the games [...]

"chicken’s aren’t gay, " kenna says.

This is Kenna. Kenna has loved Chick Fil A since she was a wee one, but today's hysteria has caused her much distress. She has begun to rethink everything she has ever known about chicken, and social media in general. Why did the chicken cross the road? Was it in fact wearing a glitter tank? Below are [...]