for the love of Kanye.

We all get a little cray from time to time, some more than others, but hey! no judgement. Establishing a career and being the center of your social circle can get exhausting at times, especially if you have a job you actually like and friends who you like more. Here are some of my favorite simple, effective – and best of all – totally free ways to feel better when things get a little crazy.

Get rid of bad relationships. Maybe you’re dating a narcissistic psychopath that likes to make everything your fault. Maybe your current bff likes to remind you of your minor flaws over a not so friendly lunch. Exchange the woe-is-me types for the go-getters who actually smile. Get rid of the Johnny Raincloudsyou ain’t got time for that!

Talk it out. Never underestimate the power of putting it all out there. Venting is healthy and I guarantee your close friends will love you more for coming to them for support and guidance of sorts. Wine helps too.

Practice gratitude. I have become semi-obsessed with the private yoga class I attend every Monday. For one whole hour I am focused, quiet and totally at peace with both body and mind. Don’t I sound like a yogi? The greatest lesson I have learned from my practice is the importance of expressing gratitude. Finding the beauty in each day and being thankful for it’s presence. Namaste.

Set aside some YOU time. Yes, it’s great to vent to your friends and even better to surround yourself with positive people, but you need some alone time to get it all right in your own head. I do not suggest sitting in silence; I do suggest ordering takeout and listening to Grace on vinyl.

Try saying “no” every once in a while. If it’s good enough for Nancy Reagan, it’s good enough for me. Contrary to popular belief, you can politely turn down an invitation and give yourself permission to rest. Plus you appear more aloof if you say no every once in a while.

And if the above methods fail, there’s always Vegas. xoxo.

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