here’s something to talk about.

Conversations about relationships keep me young. Whether it’s overhearing two friends recovering from a tiff over something ridiculous or listening to your friend’s reaction to your close-to-perfect first date, conversations centered around relationships are never dull. Relationships get sticky, communication bobs and weaves and how do we deal? We talk about it. On any given day I hear equal parts genius and “OH BROTHER” advice/musings – not sure which is more educational but believe me, both are entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites from this week (and it’s only Thursday).

He’s not crazy. Well he’s ‘Norman Bates have your dead mom in a rocking chair crazy’ but he seems harmless. He’s not over dramatic crazy. – my favorite and your’s, Peter Depp, @peterdepp
Girl, discussing her ex of six months: Yeah, we were together a long time but I gave him back all of his stuff and got rid of most everything that he gave me.
Me: I don’t blame you, that helps. Good for you!
Girl: Well yeah but I still make my bed every morning and place those two matching teddy bears he gave me in the middle. I mean, that’s where they live.
Let’s all promise to never ever be embarrassed of feelings but also shutting the f&ck up more! – Sophia Rossi, @sofifii 

I’m so underwhelmed by guys right now. The only male getting me off the couch and into skinny jeans and makeup is Timothy Tebow himself. – O’ Canada’s Alli Kearns

Girl at lunch #1: He’s holding my Bible and pearls hostage.
Girl at lunch #2: Why can’t he just drop it off?
Girl at lunch #1: Because that would make perfect sense and he never makes perfect sense.
Girl at lunch #3: Those are like the two classiest things he could have of your’s.
Girl at lunch #2: Sounds like a self-help book, “Pearls and a Bible.”
Girl at lunch #4: Or a bad country song sung by Reba. 
Stay away from him, he has the sense of humor of a snail. – THE Kenna Rowe, @SKennysays

Woman at new mexican place: I just adore that shirt on you.
Her date, easily twenty years her senior: You.
Woman: So tell me about your day, I want to hear everything, of course. Oh and did I tell you? I have a pool.
Her date: (sips brandy) Strong.

I hope you don’t mind but I told her as soon as she got in the car! I just couldn’t help it, when she asked about you I word-vommitted in excitement! – my life coach and awesome friend, Beth Seeley

What have we learned today? Communication is always good, even when it isn’t, and being funny covers a multitude of sins. XOXO.

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