Real talk.

Last week I turned 26. A big milestone, if you're into that sort of thing. Age is terrifying, yes, fine, I agree. What's even more terrifying is the unnatural tradition of celebrating our inevitable loss of youth with toxic dyes and carbs, but I do love social gatherings. My friends proved to not only be pretty [...]

girl crush: jessica lea mayfield

This girl is golden. At 22 she has mastered the art of stark vulnerability. Her lyrics are piercing in a way you can't quite place, and her sound is the perfect mix of blues and country, with a little bit of rock mixed in for extra spice. At 15, she recorded her first album in her [...]

be a go-getter, people.

Today's message is two fold but can be summed up in one call to action: be a go-getter. I'll explain in the form of two stories, the first of which is both hilarious and ridiculous, the second is just ridiculous. Shall we begin?Ending a relationship is never fun. It's typically awkward and then plain awful, [...]