be a go-getter, people.

Today’s message is two fold but can be summed up in one call to action: be a go-getter. I’ll explain in the form of two stories, the first of which is both hilarious and ridiculous, the second is just ridiculous. Shall we begin?

Ending a relationship is never fun. It’s typically awkward and then plain awful, usually with one party feeling oddly reflective while the other is off making a pizza in his basement. Stopping something that was started months or years prior is strange and feelings are always hurt. The worst? Getting back your stuff. A simple task mysteriously becomes an act of Congress. Rocket science, even.

Suddenly you find yourself a victim to your own master plan, placing the bag of his oxfords and socks (among other items)  out in the morning, bringing them in at night. Tired of this routine I decided to send a cordial email requesting immediate action or he could find said items at Goodwill – see that? That is what we call being a go-getter….then a miracle happened. Back to the house after a fancy night at Holland House and found the bag to be gone. I (half) ran to the mailbox in my favorite wedges and there it was, my bible, in the mailbox, per my request. No pearls, but I figure one out of two isn’t bad.

Now on to the just plain ridiculous, and disheartening really. If you know and love Nashville, or read magazines, you know and love Imogene + Willie. Not only have they single-handily brought back the concept of customized denim but they have a massive following of rockers with royalties and generally awesome people. The owners, Carrie and Matt Eddmenson, have not only brought excellent merchandise to 12 South but have encouraged community in the neighborhood with your favorite and mine, Supper + Song. One night a week they welcomed the community into their store’s backyard to enjoy Mas Tacos and a free live show of epic proportions…maybe the most memorable was watching Karen sing to her kiddos who were busy making requests. I looked forward to every show, and if I wasn’t able to attend I felt great just knowing it was happening.

So what’s ridiculous? Due to sound complaints (what is wrong with people?) this lovely event is cancelled indefinitely, per a statement released this morning. What can we do? Speak up in the form of an email to the big guy: and state your case, preferably in well-written prose. Be that go-getter and let’s keep supper + song.


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