Silhouettes are everything.

There are shows on tv that are awesome, and then there’s Honey Boo Boo. I refuse to get into that for fear of losing you forever – you’re welcome. So while I rarely have the time or attention span to watch anything for longer than 30-ish minutes I have found myself falling back in love with Mad Men. Why? John Hamm in a suit, for starters. Also because it’s everything I love wrapped into one series – great storyline, an always evolving ad agency, vintage everything, attractive people who are also interesting and the fashion. I die for pretty much everything worn by any female on any given episode.  So yes, the show itself is educational really for us twenty-something vixen career types, teaching invaluable lessons for work and play through chic leading ladies, i.e. Betty, Joan and Peggy. 

So what have we learned?
Attractive bosses make work more fun.
A fitted pencil skirt and heels are always flattering.

A good lunch outing makes everything better.

Pearls and diamonds are baller. 

If you feel like he’s going to cheat on you he probably already has. More than once.

If you want to be taken seriously stop dressing like a little girl.

Embrace feminine fabrics. Oh, and fitted dresses. Silhouettes are everything.

Only boring people are bored.

Don’t throw your significant other a surprise party and make yourself the entertainment. It will always be awkward.

Ask for what you want.

Happy Monday,

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