Kanye/Kim 2012.

Not to get political with you (again) but election season is HERE.
Overachievers have already voted and put a picture of their American flag sticker on Instagram. #nofilter
Most all conversations with anyone somehow come around to which character was the least dopey in the last debate, Paul Ryan’s hair and how PBS without Big Bird will suck. So friends and loved ones, by all means be a good American and vote, but please, let’s change the conversation. Especially if you’re trying to be charming/fun. Nobody wants to be an Ann Coulter.  
Here are some acceptable, un-presidental points of discussion:
Halloween Costumes
Trust falls
Honey Boo Boo’s Future
If Beyonce ever gets nervous
Why you continue to watch Nashville
Should you have a baby
Should you get a dog
Why you haven’t been asked to be on Girls, yet
Bath Salts
Ryan Gosling
Going gluten-free 
In the words of Kanye, I’m just trying to change the color on your mood ring. Go vote.

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