Dear B: Is She Serious?

Hi B,I am so confused. I don't usually read blogs (other than your's) but I read this one by accident, of course, and now I'm starting to question every female over the age of 29.Actual Blog Excerpt:"I feel weird in one way (there are like 10) because I emailed an old friend the other day.  [...]

Jack Goes to Jackson.

Last night Jack played in my hometown, in the same establishment where I grew up performing - dance recitals, talent shows and really gay musicals. So yes, it was a bit strange seeing everybody backstage as they were, laying around listening to Buck Owens before rocking the hell out of the place - and rock [...]

Silhouettes are everything.

There are shows on tv that are awesome, and then there's Honey Boo Boo. I refuse to get into that for fear of losing you forever - you're welcome. So while I rarely have the time or attention span to watch anything for longer than 30-ish minutes I have found myself falling back in love with Mad Men. Why? [...]

Yep, I was right.

Chris Thile really is a genius.I have always been a fan of his mandolin-based, bluegrass sound, from his solo albums to his latest and greatest with The Punch Brothers. He was the perfect conversationalist when we watched Super Jam at Bonnaroo together, going on and on about his love for the Ryman while randomly breaking [...]