Sundays with Nut Muffin.

This afternoon a rare thing happened – I went to the mall, completely of my own free will. I had a couple free hours and was in dire need of whatever the clinique bonus would provide so off to fight the green hills moms I went. So after hitting up nordstrom and chatting up the adorable and very pregnant Jesse Baylin I was walking out, my faith in department stores regained, when it happened – I heard the only ex-boyfriend who I never ever (ever) want to see ever call my (full) name and walk over to me. I was thrown off and all around freaked out that he was there, then, carrying a book that looked like a large text kjv Bible and looking to chat. 
He gave his best attempt at small talk while I stood there thinking how incredibly thankful I am to be far removed from all of that and how even his hair screams elegant mess. I would compare it to a bad rom-com but I’ve never seen one where boy lectures girl about some banned book he special ordered while girl laughs in her head because she knows that means he used Amazon…all while in the middle of the perfume counters. 
You call it an awkward encounter, I say it’s just another Sunday.

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