Dear B: Should I CrossFit?

Dear B,
I’m a healthy 20-something female who is in pretty good shape, fitness wise. I mean I just ran a half-marathon and I juice for two meals a day! Just sayin’. I can always fit comfortably into my skinny jeans but I still feel fat. I keep hearing about CrossFit and how amazing the workouts are but do girls do CrossFit? I kinda want to try it but I’m a little leery since I do wear make-up and know my Tori Burch. I just want to get skinny and toned; not look like a man.
Dear Big Rich Texas,
Let’s get one thing straight; bulging muscles are not chic. Flab, however, is less chic. I, too have toyed with the idea of giving CrossFit a go, and while I am in no way against it as a means of exercise there are a few areas of concern which I have complied into the following list. You’re welcome. 
Lots of randoms in one gym that more closely resembles an abandoned warehouse 
WOD (forget pro-choice!)
Girls with bulging muscles
Slightly scary boy-men trying to prove their manliness 
Lots of strange noises coming from those lifting heavy items
Becoming one with your competitive side/finding your competitive side 
Being JLO circa 2002 in Enough “I could kill you” shape
Semi-attractive men who are in GREAT shape
So in conclusion, strong may be the new skinny but long and lean is always in. Might I suggest giving CF a go but also sticking with your weekly yoga practice or Pure Barre routine. 

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