Paperboy: Boring it’s not.

Since most of you don’t frequently slum it at the Belcourt and see such films, I will sum it up for you in a few miniature sentences. 
Trashtastic Southern Florida in ‘69
Insert racial tension and some redneck inbreeds 

Zac Efron with great hair
Matthew McCanaughey with exceptionally awful hair, oh and he’s gay

Macy Gray was a maid

Nicole Kidman wears a blonde wig and a serious push-up bra 
One black guy with a faux British accent
John Cusak plays a carny cray who Nicole writes to while in prison
Zac Efron lurvs Nicole Kidman
 Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron after an unfortunate jellyfish incident

Zac Efron swims in a swamp
John Cusak kills people
I can totally see why it was snubbed at Cannes but I don’t hate that I saw it. Props to Keith for being okay with his wife doing all of THAT. Go see it, or don’t. I may have had a nightmare or two last night. You’re welcome. 

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