Paperboy: Boring it’s not.

Since most of you don’t frequently slum it at the Belcourt and see such films, I will sum it up for you in a few miniature sentences. 
Trashtastic Southern Florida in β€˜69
Insert racial tension and some redneck inbreeds 

Zac Efron with great hair
Matthew McCanaughey with exceptionally awful hair, oh and he’s gay

Macy Gray was a maid

Nicole Kidman wears a blonde wig and a serious push-up bra 
One black guy with a faux British accent
John Cusak plays a carny cray who Nicole writes to while in prison
Zac Efron lurvs Nicole Kidman
 Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron after an unfortunate jellyfish incident

Zac Efron swims in a swamp
John Cusak kills people
I can totally see why it was snubbed at Cannes but I don’t hate that I saw it. Props to Keith for being okay with his wife doing all of THAT. Go see it, or don’t. I may have had a nightmare or two last night. You’re welcome. 

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