Merry Ex-Mas.

Ah, Christmas. The one holiday where it is totally acceptable to contact an ex since you can easily blame it on the spiked eggnog/cider/cocktail. Between Dec 1 and Jan 1 is prime time for rekindling old flames. Who has the energy to fix your hair and put on real clothes to impress a new one? [...]

Dear B: Naughty or Nice?

Dear B,My frienenemy wants to know if she'll get presents this year for Christmas or actual coal. I told her I wouldn't tell anybody but since my therapist is already on vacay and you're basically the Bible I feel okay getting your advice. She's had two borderline-crazy boyfriends, an ex fiance and made out with [...]

get KIND.

My heart hurts too much to not say anything.Our country is sad. President Obama not only fought back tears through two press conferences but quoted Scripture, more than once, while we all prayed for Newtown, CT. For the past two years I taught eighth grade, and I remember complaining through the many lock down drills, huffing and [...]

B’s Guide to Holiday Parties.

Ah, holiday season is here again: the time of perpetual joy and too many parties thrown to celebrate sugar sweats and an obese, albiet lovable, hologram with a white beard. Now I love Christmas, so much in fact that I have committed to an exhausting number of holiday get-togethers, and yes, my chiropractor is concerned. [...]

Don’t choke on your gingerbread.

Happy Monday.If you're anything like me, and let's hope you are, then you are running on fumes and caffeine today thanks to an over-booked social calendar where you are forced to use weekends for doing as many extracurriculars as possible. And let's face it, between the holiday ornament exchanges and cookie swaps, most of us [...]