Don’t choke on your gingerbread.

Happy Monday.
If you’re anything like me, and let’s hope you are, then you are running on fumes and caffeine today thanks to an over-booked social calendar where you are forced to use weekends for doing as many extracurriculars as possible. And let’s face it, between the holiday ornament exchanges and cookie swaps, most of us are just one yuletide soiree away from choking on our gingerbread men. For that reason, I will leave you some small bits of weekend wisdom in non-paragraph form…
Condoleezza Rice is Smart. 
One should never wear Toms + dress socks on a first date, nor should they reference a second, fifth or twentieth date. #nosir
It is completely acceptable to lie and say you have a long run at 6 am to get out of after-movie drinks with Mr. No-Go. 
People lose all sense of dignity and personal space while Christmas shopping.
Social cues are important, but not everybody has them. #neverforget
Lifetime Christmas movies all have some variation of the same plot line: 35-ish woman (usually divorced) has a killer job but an awful boyfriend BUT soon she meets a handsome, rich and completely normal man at a Christmas tree farm/mall who falls in love with her while showing her the true meaning of Christmas.
Sometimes I wish I was Jewish. 

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