get KIND.

My heart hurts too much to not say anything.
Our country is sad. President Obama not only fought back tears through two press conferences but quoted Scripture, more than once, while we all prayed for Newtown, CT. 
For the past two years I taught eighth grade, and I remember complaining through the many lock down drills, huffing and puffing since my kids would always go cray during any sort of drill. Some of my best friends were teachers, are teachers. My mom is a teacher. This senseless act of evil has made us rethink the ideal of what, and where, is safe. Parents and nannies everywhere are holding their babies tighter and playing princess and ninjas a little bit longer, regardless of runny noses or schedules. 
I’m ready for this country to get it together. Isn’t it time that we love? 
My girl Ann Curry has challenged the nation to do a random act of kindness for each life taken – 26 total. I’ve watched as hundreds of responses have poured in these past few days, stories of people helping people, showing kindness to someone they’ve never met. A man from Wyoming bought breakfast for a family sleeping in the parking lot and let a gift card for food to help the rest of the week. A mom from Georgia put $50 on a random family’s layaway at Wal-Mart. An 11 yr. old from DC made cookies for her teacher. I’ve challenged myself and I challenge you to get kind through random acts of kindness and compassion. Let’s get creative and get busy– it is Christmas, after all. 
And don’t lose heart; love is greater than this. Let’s get kind.

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