Monday Prayers with B.

I don’t know what you did this weekend but amongst attending a wine-fueled winter bonfire and OCD-ly putting away everything that resembled Christmas at 903 I refocused my life. That’s right, I made some resolutions that more so resembled goals in list form. Every honest (breathing) person resolves to lose weight. Or quit ______. Or start ______. I think it’s fantastic, everybody becoming all productive and resolving to do such or such, but truth: vague goals are impossible to achieve.

So while I will not share with you all of my super specific thoughts, I will be ever so unconventional and show you some of the things I plan on steering clear of this year. Feel free to follow suit.

1. Cray Crays from 2012
2. Food dyes and refined sugars, oh and excessive amounts of gluten
3. People who post lots of “selfies”
4. Using the word “selfie”
5. Using any of the following excuses for not going to the gym:
      “It’s cold”
      “I’m hungry.”
      “I worked ALL day.”
      “I’ll go in the morning.” (Disclosure: I never go in the morning.)
6. Insecurities —— they’re unnecessary, people!
7. Guys who don’t have real jobs and think that’s OKAY
8. Jets after 10
9. Brentwood Chiropractic
10. Emotional robots that pose as real people

This prayer is for all of us who are resolving/planning/goal-ing to succeed in becoming better versions of ourselves this year. Let’s get to it.

xoxo – B

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