You’re Not Jesus, Chris Brown.

I mean, let’s give Chris Brown some credit. At least he’s starting to fight men. 
But Frank Ocean, really? Whatever happened in that parking lot was so traumatic that it drove Mr. Brown to get religious. He instagrammed that he was trying to focus on his work, “not negativity,” before posting a drawing of Jesus on the cross with the caption: “Painting the way I feel today.” Ummm…not okay. In the words of fellow Instagrammer thrillho_ “you’re not Jesus, you’re a party clown.” 
So in light of these recent transgressions, I have put together a list for Rihanna’s publicist of potential CB replacements:
Frank Ocean
Bruno Mars
Lance Armstrong 
Bradley Cooper
That guy from the Lumineers
Bill Hader 
Adam Levine
Zac Efron

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