february love.

So it’s February. The month of LOVE. The month of Beyonce, apparently. Ooh and the Grammys and then the Oscars. The shortest month of the year with the biggest heart. Yep, I went there. Why? Because I love all the cheesy odes to love. I appreciate that Americans buy pounds of the candy hearts that shouldn’t be edible. I love that first graders (and me) pick out just the perfect Hello Kitty valentine for their chosen besties. 
I don’t get the 87% of you that trapse around all month like “blah blah blah, I’m cold and I hate couples” and/or “blah blah blah, I wish my boyfriend was hot” and so on and so on. First of all, no, I am not dating Ryan Gosling but at least I can sleep well knowing that he is not with a girl he’s with Eva Mendes. Don’t settle for a fool but do flirt, flash your best “let’s mix it up, maybe?” eyes and throw the (attractive, nerdy) guys a bone. Have some fun. Love is fun. 
You’re tired of the winter drab? Move to the South. It’s currently sunny and 64 which I realize isn’t a heatwave but it’s far better than Minnesota. Also, don’t be afraid to let your wardrobe get a little gloomy, ie. Black on black on black is always chic, but do throw a little color in there when you feel so inclined. In case you’ve forgotten, other colors other than black include: teal, fuscia, white, green, gray and glitter.
If you’re still not feeling the love, go find your best friend and just hug the mess out of them. I can promise that they will either hug you back and you’ll both get all Hallmark or they’ll clam up and you’ll both get awkward and laugh for 10 minutes. Both options have awesome outcomes and you’ll be that much closer to a better relationship with your home fry and Cupid himself. 
Love you all. Mean it.

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