Budget B.

Sunday night I got my life together aka hit the gym, did laundry, cooked a meal and made a “budget.” Well, sort of. I’m too ADD/FUN to make one of those daily excel spreadsheet types that I’m sure Dave Frightening Ramsey no doubt endorses. I do, however, like to set goals for my superfluous spending in the coming months based on activities and social events I want to make sure I’m fully prepared to own.
So whilst watching Beyonce’s doc I made a running list of items and events worth saving my rubles for – here they are, in no particular order:
A trip to Parlour & Juke for a trim and some mint tea with Marwa
She & Him at the Ryman tickets
JT & Jay-Z tickets, wherever they decide to play I am there
Lollapalooza 2013 tickets (are you seeing a trend here?)
Hair Chalk (for said music events)
Some sort of fancy workout for the month of April/May, i.e. Pure Barre, HotBox
Laser hair removal
Spring Dresses

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