Monday Prayers With B.

Today we come together to ask some tough questions about an old fan favorite of your's and mine: 50 Cent. So many items I would love to discuss with him, given the Oprah-level opportunity. I challenge you to turn on "Just a Little Bit" as we ask Curtis (almost) 21 questions:Where are you?Was your interview [...]

Spring is for lovers?

Today is officially the start of Spring, one of my favorite times since it means Summer is creeping close behind. With this season change comes plenty of questions from my curious brain; a blessing and a curse, really. Here’s what I’m pondering –Why is it still 45 degrees out?Who did John Mayer cheat on Katy [...]


Chris Harrison is basically Bieber's stepdad.Does Sean "no eyebrows" Lowe own shoes?Do you think he has a belly button?His v-neck was sprayed on, obviously.Say note again. NOTE.Give a rose to Sean's dad.Her voice makes me want to vomit this gluten-free cookie up.She sounds like an 8 year old with a sinus infection.Can you have HIS [...]