Spring is for lovers?

Today is officially the start of Spring, one of my favorite times since it means Summer is creeping close behind. With this season change comes plenty of questions from my curious brain; a blessing and a curse, really. Here’s what I’m pondering –

Why is it still 45 degrees out?
Who did John Mayer cheat on Katy Perry with?
What is Jessica Biel’s favorite song off her husband’s new album?

Has Britney Spears threatened to shave her head (again) anytime in the past 6-8 months? 

What’s chemically wrong with the people who like their own Instgram photos…and like their ex’s Instagram photos?  
Why does our intern look like Matt Saracen?
Why did Kim have to get pregnant and completely dash my dreams of Jay-Z and Kanye playing at Lollapalooza 2013?
Why do guys think “hanging out and watching basketball” is an acceptable first, second or third date?
Is Lindsay Vonn on bath salts?
Why do people choose to own cats?
Does the Pope sleep in that hat?

Are hats chic now?


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