Dear B: To Bareleg?

Dear B,

Since Easter’s over and we’re all springing into April, is it acceptable to lose the tights and go bare leg? My legs are super pale but I’m thinking it’s now or never, right? HELP.


Dear Barbara Walters,

With Easter came many a fashion tragedy, and while I tried to focus on the good book at Sunday service I found myself shivering at all the short dresses and bare legs. Why? Not because of the shining paleness or the bright colors – because there were plenty of Easter eggs out there – but because it was less than 60 degrees and everybody had visible goosebumps.

As for me and my limbs, I choose to go bareleg once it’s warm enough out that I will remain happy and goosebump-free. Have a cute dress that’s akin to the Grace Potter mini? Keep it safely in your closet until the warmer weather arrives. Don’t waste a good outfit on the cold and cloudy.

And if all else fails, ask yourself if Connie Britton (‘s hair) would wear that. Works every time.


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