Today Show: Stop Trying to Make Kitten Heels Cool

If it isn’t enough to make us watch Savannah Guthrie’s middle part, ill-fitting dresses and terrible lipstick shades on the daily, we are now being subjected to such segments titled “A Win-Win for Women’s Feet! High Heels Are Out! Low Heels Are In!” 
Lovingly referred to as the “kitten heel,” these mid-height shams of footwear are posers in every since of the word, posers that are apparently rising in popularity for the first time since their heyday in the 1960s. COME ON. In the 1960s women were too busy burning their bras, getting baked and making bad decisions at Woodstock. Wearing or not wearing kitten heels was not exactly of the essence. 
So who did NBC site as the fashion icon we credit for bringing these treats back? Michelle Obama. Trump card. I love her, it’s no secret (almost) every woman and child love her but there’s a major difference between wearing a low heel to accompany your husband who is PRESIDENT of the free world to meet with foreign diplomats and wearing them to be “comfortably fancy” for Girl’s Night Out. I would also like to note Mrs. Barack is a tall woman and probs doesn’t prefer to tower over her husband. May we all strive to follow in the fashion footsteps of Michelle rather than Hilary, yes?
My philosophy?  If you’re going to wear a flat, wear a flat; if you’re going to wear a heel, wear a HEEL. If you choose to make a habit of wearing the kitten heel you are doing a disservice to your silhouette!…specifically your bum, legs and overall posture. Why teeter on one-inch stumps when you can move up to the two-inch+ bracket and look extra amazing? Besides, I’ve never met a wedge I didn’t like. 

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