Leo is All You Need.

The Great Gatsby is creating quite the stir. 
Now I love the classics and Mr. Fitzgerald’s has always been one of my favorite American pieces, probably because I was never forced to read it in school like most everyone I know. Anyone who’s anyone has been using social media to prophecize, predict, analyze and comment ever since Baz Carny Cray Luhrmann announced his intention to start filming. I’ve heard whines about everything from the unnecessary extravagance to casting of Daisy to the way the modern soundtrack makes/breaks the film.


If you’re being honest with yourself, only one thing really mattes, well, besides the fact that Jay-Z produced the soundtrack which is Epic. 
Jay Gatsby. 
Shout out to Robert Redford from my grandma but HELLO, Leonardo DiCaprio being mysterious, rich and in a three piece suit? 
I’m in. 
So without further adieu, the many (incredibly attractive) emotions of Leo as Gatsby: 
Anxious/Awkward Gatsby

Romantic Gatsby

“I Really Want to Hurt You Right Now” Gatsby

Classy Frat Boy Gatsby

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