No More Weiner.

Anthony-Weiner-email-photoAnthony Weiner. What a name, right? His first act in office should have been to change his own name. After his political career imploded two years ago after some disgusting online behavior – even for political types – he went into semi-confiement –  no job, no Twitter.

 I have a hard time seeing New Yorkers shifting their Weiner thoughts from the raunchy adolescent crotch-shot Twitpics to Mayor of the Big Apple. His big comeback approach is centered around the YouTube video he posted Tuesday, showing him “hanging out” in his suit and tie with his sad wife and cute baby. Not a terrible effort, but he didn’t choose the most appropriate verbiage in an interview yesterday:

 “I hope atleast some of my ideas penetrate, and it changes some of the conversations.”

 He’s the total package.

 No worries, W! Here are some alternative day jobs for you to consider in lieu of public office:

“Scorned lover” on Days of Our Lives

Stay at Home Dad

C-level Adult Film Star

High School Girls Basketball Coach

Mark Sanford’s Intern


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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