How To Remain Calm When You’re Really Un-Calm.


I work in PR. PR is equal parts amazing and straight up stressful, like most jobs I would imagine (with the exception of a Parisian nun and/or private elementary school assistant librarian – those seem pretty chill). These past couple weeks have been full of situations and interactions with people that have made me question my sanity and ability to keep it together.

An author’s flight got delayed due to a massive storm and my sole job was to pick said author up and make sure he arrived on time and in one piece to an event of which he was the emcee. My flight got delayed and I was forced to bond with other stranded Nashvillians while we watched a grown man in camo cargo shorts berate a poor Midway Airport employee for kicking him off the plane due to him hitting another passenger who was “not down with him not being a Blackhawks fan.” An old bf with a trust fund and a partying problem texted me, not to reconnect but to ask for career advice. Charming.

Sometimes you can remain calm and other times, well, you want to come through the phone/rental car/airplane boarding line and lose any semblance of class you might still have. My phrases of choice include, but are not limited to: I’m sorry what? What is wrong with people? America! Well, my friends, I don’t have all the answers but I sure do have some solid suggestions to help keep things classy –

1. Smile coyly and nod. Laugh, if appropriate. Everyone around you will see how nice you are and relax a little, helping you relax.

2. In a sticky spot? Think about something/someone awesome in your life or something awesome that’s coming soon in your life. This too shall pass – trust.

3. Repeat “I know what I’m doing” 5+ times in your head. Note: YOU DO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

4. If your boss is stressed you should not be. Whatever you have to do to make that a fact, do it. It’s part of your job to show your boss you work best under pressure and they need not worry. If you have to cry, go outside.

5. Breathe.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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