Quick! 5 Must-Do’s Before Summer Is Dunzo.


How is it already JULY? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was stuck at work until 4:59pm on Fridays and shopping online for sundresses that I was so sad wouldn’t be wearable for another couple months. I can’t believe my favorite season is half way over BUT the positive side is that it’s July not October. We still  have plenty o’ time left to be everything summer and awesome so without further adieu, here’s what is left on my  list…

1. Find the perfect floppy summer hat

True story: I found the most perfect floppy hat made of straw dyed in perfect tropical colors and so I wore it to Bonnaroo. It survived carny crays and a torrential downpour during Tom Petty but somehow I lost it during the drive back. I appreciate your thoughts during this difficult time. I’m on the search again for another floppy hat and if you spend any time outside you should too.

2. Read a book

I know, this one is tough with so many WORDS but you will get through this. Then you’ll feel smart and feeling smart gives you confidence and well, confident people are just the best. Feeling a little uneasy? Start with something ridiculous and borderline not literary – there’s that confidence building again – THEN move on to something that you will actually be proud of having read.  I suggest Gone Girl, Bel Canto and anything by Emily Giffin.

3. Change it up

This doesn’t have to be major so please, no “I am who I am!” diatribes. If you want to keep it chill try a new sunscreen or maybe instead of pink nails go for black which is even more rebellious this time of year because it’s typically categorized as a winter color. YES I SAID THAT. For those cavaliers out there who are looking for something a little more drastic, change your hair color but don’t get short bangs. Trust me.

4. Be a surfer…or date one

I live in Nashville and there are no said waves in Nashville other than the frightening wave pools at various water parks. No thanks. I do sometimes try to channel my inner surfer girl a la Blue Crush by spraying salt water spritz in my hair – hello beach waves! You can do that, too. It counts. It also counts to date a surfer or a guy who has surfer-like qualities, which include but are not limited to: messy hair, great arms, no-fuss attitude and the shelf life of skim milk.

5. Stop Procrastinating

Get after it! What have you been meaning to do for the past 2 months that you keep putting off due to an array of excuses that you can’t quite remember now? Go to that spin class you heard was so great. Take your clothes to the dry cleaner like the adult that you sort of are. Finish your book. Find your dream job! Call some friends up and take that road trip. It’s now or never, and the dog days of summer are the perfect time to be busy doing the stuff you’ve been putting off.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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