Obsessed: TKO


Since it’s Friday and I’ve been birthday-ing all week and continuing tonight (!!!), I am not in the best position to form complete thoughts so clearly. (Seriously, I nearly fell off my bike last night at spin and have a major bruise on my knee to prove it.) So, allow me to rock your world through a few adjectives and the musical stylings of Mr. JT.

Exhibit A: An original work of art by a friend who knew I would appreciate this far more than flowers. Now I realize I need to hit the gym 2-17 hours a day to get in Jessica Biel shape and might try the dark hair thing when I get brave enough. Also, my sweet grandmother who lives on a farm in Kentucky thought this was an actual photograph and asked who the “good-looking man” was. Le sigh.


Exhibit B: TKO. I’ve listened to this eleven times this morning and I’m not saying it’s Cry Me a River level but I can’t stop won’t stop. Enjoy!


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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