Honey, Get Over Yourself.


There comes a time in every under-32-something’s life when you figure out you have nothing figured out. You then lose it, binge watch an original Netflix series and eat an entire sleeve of Oreoes with your roommate. The next morning is when the magic happens. You realize that everything is going to be okay. 

So what if you don’t own your own place yet? You’re only ___ years old and you have plenty of time for all of that white picket fence business. Enjoy being able to call your landlord when anything and everything even looks like it could malfunction. 

Not in a job that you love or at all want to be in long term? Do something about it. Read Lean In, invest in a great, work appropriate LBD and keep emailing (stalking) until you get the interview.

Want Carrie Underwood legs and Rihanna clothing-optional confidence? Use your gym membership this week and go easy on the carbs. 

Wish you were dating a nice guy? Break up with the dope you keep trudging through cryptic texts with and work on the amazing YOU a nice guy will treat well.

A little tough love never hurt anybody, although in middle school I swore up and down my mother was the epitome of mean when I would whine and her only response? “Well tough! Get over it.” Imagine how offensive that was to me when complaining about not getting to go to that party wearing my crop top with that guy who was too old for me. Now here we are, years past Saved by the Bell and I have gotten enough of my mother’s good sense to know what’s up. It’s time we get over ourselves and get after It, whatever It is, and puulease, have fun in the process.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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