B’s Guide To Burning Holiday Lbs.


Thanksgiving came and went. I’m not sure about you, but this girl went HAM on everything but well, ham. (Gross.) There was turkey, carbs, copious amounts of sweet tea and you guessed it, more carbs. The closest thing to Whole Foods on my plate was strawberry pretzel salad and I’ll let you in on a little secret – the main ingredients were whipped cream cheese and sugar.

Oh, and then TIME told me this morning that the average Thanksgiving dinner is the equivalent of 9 large boxes of fries at McDonald’s. I don’t say all that to scare you but to relate before bestowing knowledge. We all need a little community to accomplish anything, am I right? With Christmas just shy of 25 days away, we’ve got to reign it in so we can indulge in Santa-shaped everything in the coming weeks. So in the spirit of giving, here are my preferred fun-ish ways to burn off some of those post-Thanksgiving lbs…

Flow Yoga, Spin Class, Repeat

Drink a lot of water and even more piping hot green tea

Make out with an attractive someone – mistletoe optional.

Take a long nap

Clean your place, Monica Gellar style

Box up all those clothes you don’t wear anymore and take them to Goodwill or a shelter in town – tis’ the season!

Pull out all of the boxes marked “CHRIMMA”

Put up your Christmas tree while watching Home Alone and reciting every line

Rearrange your furniture to accommodate said Christmas tree

Happy December, glorious people. Let’s make the most of the yuletide.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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