B Watches Kathie Lee & Hoda


It’s Thirsty Thursday! Maybe that’s why I started watching? Or maybe it was because I couldn’t find the willpower to move from my perfectly comfortable position on the couch…who knows! This is what the day after Christmas is for! Pajamas and the news, or whatever version of the news that happens during the 4th hour of Today.

Hoda started it off by saying “anal” and Kathie Lee yelled, mid-champagne gulp, NOT TO SAY THAT WORD the day after Christmas!

Hot topic to move the conversation along? When to take your holiday decorations down. Candy canes are a no past Jan 1; white lights are free range to stay up until the 4th. Really, ladies? I love America too but no one wants to be the Griswolds.

Then five minutes were spent on whether or not you should get married even if you have cold feet AND if it’s a smart move to buy a house together before making it official. This titillating conversation was of course interrupted by a singalong of Bruno Mar’s “Marry You.” Classic. The segment got even better when they used Kim and Kanye as a positive example. This is America, people!

The silver lining? Hoda’s playlist featured one of my Nashville favorites, Paul Sikes, and his sweet Christmas tune released last year so that was a WIN. Go Paul! May your iTunes reflect H & KL’s glowing endorsement.

As Kathie Lee started listing how many unwanted gifts and random gifts she had lying around her house that she would gladly donate if she had the time, I got up for my second cup of coffee. Really hate I missed the ambush makeover.

Should old acquaintance be forgot, right?


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

One thought on “B Watches Kathie Lee & Hoda

  1. 1. The 4th Hour is why we all have jobs.
    2. Who am I kidding–The TODAY Show in general is why we all have jobs.
    3. The Price Is Right is always a better choice. #plinko

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