B’s Guide To Business Trip Packing


I know, a super fun topic for us all, right? I understand business trips aren’t vacation nor is packing an enjoyable activity so that is why I’m helping you out. Saving you some time and brain power by showing you the way. Never been on a business trip? I’m sorry. Keeping working hard and I’m sure your boss will trust you with an Amex and representing the company soon enough. Been on too many to count? Congrats! You have enough frequent flier miles and hotel shampoos to supply all of Nashville. For the people somewhere in between, here are my essentials when it comes to jet setting for the job. In no particular order:

Carry-on: Ditch the bulky suitcase and vote unnecessary pieces off the island. Trust, you do not want to be the one waiting for your luggage at carousel 15.

Minimal products: Don’t be scared of the shampoo/conditioner/soap/hair dryer that the hotel provides. Only pack your favorites that are essential to being you, i.e. make-up and always perfume.

Professional pieces: This of course varies depending on what the trip pertains to and what sort of job you hold. Professional often ranges from a pencil skirt to flannel but it always means put together. Dress like you’re the boss even if you’re not the one giving the presentation.

Play clothes: There is nothing worse than having some free time and all you have is a shift dress and heels. Might I suggest dark jeans since those can be dressed up or paired with a t-shirt to run out for coffee in the morning.

Reading material: Preferably something not related to work that serves more of a purpose than just passing the travel time. I’m taking The Gifts of Imperfection on my next trip and can’t wait to start.

Sunglasses: Not only do these protect you from prematurely developing those pesky wrinkles but they are awesome when trying to sleep on the plane.

Drugs: Advil and melatonin. Never travel without them.

A notebook: To write down your thoughts and more importantly, to make note of all the awesomeness that’s happening while you’re away to share with the boss once you’re back.

Also, always talk to strangers – your trip will be all the more interesting. Happy trails!


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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