Obsessed: 3 (Very Nashville) Things

1. Karen in the new Louis Vuitton campaign – there are no words. I love that she goes from South Africa to London back to Nashville – no big deal! – and again, she makes me wish I was a tall ginger like whoa.


2. City House. If you’re not in Nashville, get here and immediately book a reservation to treat yo self. Seriously, I somehow managed to live and dine here for years and hadn’t been until this past weekend. Everything was perfect, from the cozy ambience to our bearded waiter who was beyond lovely and yes, did laugh at (most) of my cheese-ball comments. (Hi Wilder!) Also, make sure you save room for dessert because you have to get two: butterscotch panna cotta and almond ricotta pound cake with lemon gelato. I suggest going with a group so you don’t have to roll out of there.

City House, Nashville

3. White’s Mercantile. When she isn’t touring with Jason Isbell and generally just being amazing with her rockstar husband, Holly Williams is busy raising the bar of cool in 12th South with this chic general store, which has a little bit of everything including the Marvis toothpaste I like to splurge on. You will no doubt want to spend your entire paycheck on all the local goods but will appreciate the reasonable odd and ends you’ll find wrapped together in one sunny space.



Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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