Facing Fears Is Hard (Do It Anyway)


For some people it’s flying or speaking in front of anyone other than close friends and family. For others it’s commitment, eating alone, rejection or forgiving the person that hurt you. We all have that one thing that brings out anxiety we can’t seem to shake, and it’s too often the case that facing the fear head-on is what makes us stronger. Good ole’ Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Always easier said than done but why not attempt to make this a reality on the daily? I wish I had all the answers, y’all but I don’t. What I do have is what we all have deep inside us and that’s INSIGHT.

Scared of public speaking? Make a conscious effort to put yourself in more settings where this is necessary. Work is a great place to start, and the more you speak up the more your boss will respect you. Word to the wise: Don’t picture everyone in their underwear because then you’ll just feel super awkward and To Catch A Predator-esque.

Scared of flying? We’ve all had the uneasy stomach and cold sweat pre-flight.  My father? Hated every bit of it since his first flight with me – age 14, with all of my friends, flying to Panama for a mission trip, he read his Bible intensely for the flight’s entirety. While he prefers to drive, he’s still flying because he likes to get places in 2 hours as opposed to 22 hours. Is he still scared before every flight? Absolutely. But he’s facing the fear and that makes him a champ.

Scared of meeting new people? No new friends! I get that but half the fun in life is meeting all kinds of people everywhere you go. When you walk into that church/party/bar mitzvah by yourself, RELAX. Smile. Introduce yourself or wait until someone comes to you because they will. Think about it this way – all of your friends now were once new people and now they’ve most likely seen you without pants.

Scared to let something go? A past significant other, a bad habit, a past significant other that was your bad habit, being angry with a parent, a job where you never feel valued. I could go on and on but we all have items we need to kick to the curb. Stop thinking and just release. Plus, letting go leaves room for more good to walk right on in!

All life is an experimentsomeone far smarter and more acomplished than this girl said that but may we all remember those five words. Facing the very things that scare you might cause you to feel all the feelings and yes, you might cry at some point along the way (here I am!). IT’S OKAY. You’ll feel a sense of calm in successfully facing your fear instead of running the other way and the next time a fear pops up you’ll be all the more prepared to dominate.

Oh, and if you’re scared to ask the girl out to dinner remember, it’s dinner – not a marriage proposal…and she’s going to say yes.

I love you all.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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