What I’m Not Reading Right Now


I love to read – when I have time, which usually means a few minutes before I fall asleep each night OR when on vacation. (Business trips are for magazines – ahem, research.) Next week I head to the beach for a little family time + R&R (!!!) so of course I’m gathering up some solid reads for my week in the sun. While it’s tough to pick just a couple to take with me, I’ve narrowed it down to a few I will not be reading anytime soon.

The Fault In Our Stars

I adore John Green and all of his fantastic nerdiness but I cannot bring myself to start this one for fear of slipping into a serious depression. Maybe I’ll make a rule that Friends has to be playing in the background while I read it in hopes of balancing out my emotional state?

Divergent series

I saw the first movie and actually really enjoyed it so why ruin the fun of the next movies by reading ahead?

Proof of Heaven

The whole premise of this NYT Bestseller is a neurosurgeon recounts his near death experience during a coma in hopes that we all might believe in heaven. Do we really need a paperback to persuade us to have the hope of heaven? I hope not.

Any book in the Game of Thrones series

I’ve seen all the previews and heard too many albeit entertaining synopses of the HBO series but I rather read Fifty Shades of Grey than embark on that series. Well, that’s a little dramatic but I have no interest in red weddings and seven kingdoms.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Rob Lowe gabbing about his journey from “painfully misunderstood child actor” to teen idol to overgrown teen idol. Also, that cover. I’ll pass.

If you’ve read any of these please feel free to convince me to change my ways. Your opinion matters.


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3 thoughts on “What I’m Not Reading Right Now

  1. You HAVE to read The Fault In Our Stars (just not in a public place). Found that out the hard way by bursting into loud sobs while reading it on a flight back to NYC. People were staring.

    Also, you should read Brain On Fire just because its the best book I’ve read in years, but it’ll make you paranoid that you’re getting an autoimmune disease, so….maybe not the best vacation read.

  2. Instead of reading The Fault In Our Stars (side note: I’m a very emotional person and I didn’t cry while reading this book and I thought it was a little over-rated. Very well-written, but over-rated ((just my opinion))) you should read Eleanor & Park. This book is a page turner! It is such a beautiful love story. You will fall in love with the two, very unique, main characters. Warning: you may cry a little bit (or sob) but it was worth every tear 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/Eleanor-Park-Rainbow-Rowell/dp/1250012570/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400258051&sr=8-1&keywords=Eleanor+and+PArk

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