Nerd Alert: An App To Track Your Love Life?


Leave it to Glamour to educate me on the latest part of life to track on the ole’ smart phone! Sure, I like to be aware of patterns so I can make note of what’s working and what’s not, and thanks to all the  recent apps it’s a whole lot easier to pretend to have pristine self discipline. I can get on board with tracking calories and sleep (or lack there of) but I’m not sure I can get on board with The Boyfriend Log. Yes, that is its actual name and yes, it does exactly what you think: monitors your day to day feelings for your bf.

According to Glamour, it goes like this:

Each day, you answer the question “How was your relationship today?” with a color-coded response that indicates if you’re feeling sad, happy, romantic, angry, or otherwise. Then, when you look back at the history of a month, you can see what the predominant emotion was.

Hmm. Call me old fashioned, but I much prefer scribbling in a journal the good, bad and funny of dating rather than tracking emotional patterns with colors a la first grade. Also, if you’re happy in said relationship is it really necessary to track how you both feel on the daily? I just can’t imagine any guy loving the idea of being more of a case study than a boyfriend, especially when the app requires a code to see daily progress. Awkward.

All in all I rather be spending time with my guy than analyzing how we spend our time.

Can I get an amen? Would you use this? Of course I want to know.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM


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