Simplify Your Closet, Simplify Your Life

01cb193ee343fedf3da0551933a7cd89Sure, Spring is when the cleaning happens but Summer is definitely when the simplifying should happen. It’s hot out. When you’re not at work you’re outside, vacationing, planning your next vacation or taking up a new sport (ask me about my recently acquired tennis skills!) What you don’t want to be doing is spending forever sorting through all the articles of clothing and shoes and random belts/scarves thrown everywhere in your closet! Honestly this morning I found two shirts I cannot ever remember wearing and one that I am 98% sure hasn’t been worn since college. In an effort to simplify this summer, I am vowing to start by simplifying my closet!

Here are some questions I will ask myself in a stern tone when going through the keep/toss process:

When was the last time I wore this?

Do I feel like it’s flattering? Or so comfortable that I don’t even care if it’s flattering? 

Does this reflect my personal style?

Can I dress this up & down? 

Did I wear this on a major date with THAT Ex? 

Does this make me look like a high school student?

Does this make me look like my grandmother? 

Is this a statement piece that I absolutely cannot imagine parting with? 

Bottom line: If I don’t love it, I’m tossing it, and by tossing it I mean selling it for $2 at a yard sale and/or donating to Goodwill. My goal is to get rid of the excess and simplify – starting with my closet. Who’s with me?


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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