The September Checklist


It’s September! HOORAY HURRAH! It’s no secret this is my favorite month of the year, well, it’s in my top two only to be rivaled by Christmas’s December. So while I’m a little sad to see Summer fade, this means Fall is well on it’s way and with it comes back-to-school sales, the return of good TV and pumpkin everything. What other amazing things do we have to look forward to this month?

September 4: Beyonce’s Birthday

Yep, it’s Queen B’s birthday. Celebrate all day by embodying all things fierce. Oh, and this is the perfect excuse to keep her greatest hits on replay all day long.

September 4-11: New York Fashion Week

Grab your highest stilettos and prepare to see all the hottest looks for Spring 2015…while you look through Vogues September issue and plan your fall looks.

National Better Breakfast Month

Ditch the granola bar and puulease, put down the Pop-Tart. Wake up early enough to make yourself a well-balanced, lovely breakfast. Try one of these amazing recipes and thank me later.

September 8: National Grandparents’ Day

Give your precious grandma or grandpa a call and tell them how much you love them! Brownie points if you send a sweet card via snail mail – correspondance is everything!

September 18: My Birthday

Had to! I haven’t quite finished my lofty list of to-do’s before I turn 28 but hey, all the more to accomplish in the coming years! P.S. Gifts not required but I never turn down chocolate.

September 23: The First Day of Fall

This is the day I will allow myself to fully embrace all the pumpkin and cinnamon smells and flavors – pumpkin spice latte anyone? Fingers crossed it will no longer be 90 degrees in Nashville and I will be able to frolic comfortably in jeans.

September 25: Scandal Returns!

Shonda Rhimes is my girl and while this presidential fare tends to be cheesy and melodramatic, I cannot wait to see what Olivia Pope handles, and wears, next.

Happy September, all!


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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