Six Things

photo 1 (5)

[ Adding a little more blonde at my favorite, Dandelion Salon. ]

This past week was a good one. Busy, of course, but filled with wonderful things and people I love including a much-needed hair appointment, a hilariously bad pedicure from the fiance, early birthday celebrating with my sweet family complete with the most amazing cupcakes, and plenty of surprises!

photo 2 (3)[ I’m not sure how any polish made it to my toes because I was laughing so hard. ]

photo (38)

[ There’s no better way to kick off the birthday celebrations than with the most delicious cupcakes! I shared, of course. ]

photo (39)

[ Beautiful BHLDN piece that just might be making an appearance in the wedding….Thanks, Mom! ]

photo 1 (7)

[ My sneaky fiance made sure I was treated to an Italian rendition of the Birthday Song, complete with homemade birthday hat. Really, you shouldn’t have. ]

photo 1 (6)

[ Dad and Charlie. Love these two! ]

With this week comes fun celebrations for my actual birthday (!!!), wrapping up last minute plans for my best friend’s baby shower this weekend, and working on my wedding dress worthy arms at the gym with my personal trainer, aka my fiance. Have a great week, lovelies!


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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