How to Multitask Like a Champ

338beff589a4b65acd1e8325f4c195d8Earlier this year Forbes famously put us all in our place by declaring: “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” Mmmk I guess that’s technically true but I don’t exactly have a hair/make-up team, personal chef or paychecks with more dollar signs that I’ll likely ever see. Sure, we both have 24 hours each day to get it all done and then find a way to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep, but despite all effort sometimes it is HARD to find time long enough to sit down.

So here’s the beauty of multitasking: when done correctly the process allows one to get two things done at once, leaving more time for extra stuff like spending time with your friend/fiance/slice of cheesecake. Want to multitask like a champ? Here are some ways:

Make a list

I’m a list person so not only is this natural but my lifeline on the daily. Not a list person? Try it for a week and see if you don’t feel calmer and more organized. Start each morning – after a cup of coffee, preferably – by making a list of items that must get done and check each one off as you complete it! Just be careful not to overload the list, which will just make you frustrated and angry at the list entirely. The list is your friend.

Set reasonable goals

It’s wonderful to be ambitious but it’s even more wonderful to stay…sane. Know your limits and don’t push yourself past them, aka no staying up until 3 am working on that school project or answering emails from your boss.

Take breaks

Multitasking is really mircotasking which is getting several small tasks done in a short period of time – efficiency at its finest. Between all these spurts of productivity give yourself a break! Step away from the computer screen and go take a walk outside. Or text a friend. Or turn on some embarrassing pop song and have a small dance party. Anything to give your brain a break and re-energize you to tackle the rest of your day!

Learn to say “no”

As much as we all try, we can’t be everywhere with everyone and do everything. It’s impossible. Get comfortable saying no when you need to or when you just need some down time. There will always be an event/concert/party/meeting/yoga class going on so don’t fret if you need to decline from time to time. You do you!

Keep Perspective

As my mother has said ever since I can remember, “Will this matter 1,2,10 years from now?” Keep your priorities in order and don’t stress over the small stuff. The sooner we can all practice gratitude for the incredible people and opportunities God has given us the happier we will be!


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