Ladies, Let’s Play Nice


When I hear females saying things along the lines of “I’m not friends with too many women because they’re too much drama” or “I don’t really get along with women usually,”  I can’t help but cringe. After years of experiencing all kinds of female relationships both good and bad, I’ve asked myself the same question over and over again: Why can’t women just be nice to each other?

The truth is, most females, no matter how old they are will tell you that they’ve survived at least one type of mean girl in their past. Whether it was a situation that dealt with putting someone down, being dismissed or just plain ignored, they all seem to boil down to one thing- hatred. The opposite of nice. I just don’t understand it. Why is it that we feel so threatened by the way another woman dresses, speaks or acts that we feel like it’s our job to play polite police? Why is it that sometimes it seems easier for us to speak about what we think is wrong than all the wonderful things that are right?

Ladies, we could run the world if we started showing a little kindness towards each other. As women we should be each other’s greatest allies, not competition, at home, in our circle of friends, at church and in the workplace. Let’s be real, none of us are perfect, so why judge each other so harshly? For starters, we’ve got to change the way we speak to each other. We’ve got to stop saying things without thought of how we’ll make her feel, including:

I could never do that

How are you even managing that?

Oh, did you stop going to the gym?

Do you eat anymore?

You look exhausted

Let’s change the conversation into one we actually want to be apart of, that is uplifting and leaves both parties feeling more confident, like:

You look so happy

I’m proud of you

That’s a great color on you

Great job with _____

You make it look so easy!

Kindness is contagious, so let’s make it our goal to be kind to women everywhere. Maybe you don’t click with her or maybe she happens to be your boss who you rarely understand or hey, maybe she’s the woman in line with a newborn who could use an extra hand – show her some kindness! As women, we may be terrible at receiving compliments but we’ve got to get better at passing them out – one genuine compliment has the ability to carry us for the rest of the week!

Ladies, let’s stop picking each other apart and start supporting each other…only then will we truly run the world.


Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.00.38 AM

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