Six Things


[ Buddy’s first bath. ]

Hello and a very happy Monday to you! Most of us are enjoying time at home and not at the office thanks to today being a national holiday. I remember in sixth grade being assigned a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech to recite in front of the class “just as he would have recited it” and let me tell you, I was terrified to a of all) mess it up royally and b of all) attempt to speak like a man in front of the cute boy I liked at the time. Ah, sixth grade love. What I did learn was how to deliver a good speech and what an incredible impact King had on this country! Anywho, this past week revolved around picking up the latest addition to our family and settling into our new home…this week will be more settling in aka unpacking my closet finally, doing some exploring and getting back in the swing of posting new material every day. Have a great week, lovelies! xoxo


[ The kitchen island that took my husband a while to put together due to the 200+ pieces that needed to be assembled – he’s a keeper! ]


[ Buddy likes to binge watch Friends, too. ]


[ Charlie didn’t want to play with Buddy so of course I told Buddy that it was Charlie, not him. ]


[ Baking quite possibly the greatest five-ingredient peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, ever. Recipe here. ]

2015-01-19 09.00.49

[ My husband, ladies and gentlemen. ]

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