Six Things


[ We take the most important meal of the day pretty seriously ]

This past week was BUSY – settling into a new place in a new state while starting a new job is a lot but I’m loving every minute of everything. Our new puppy sleeps through the night and has yet to chew up anything of our’s so we’re feeling like confident parents. My husband commented the other night that the house is looking less like a bachelor pad and feels more like our home – that made me smile, especially since I’m still unpacking and boxes are still everywhere. We’re enjoying cooking together and Sunday we had a couple from church over for lunch. My favorite part was a of all, not burning the main course (pistachio encrusted chicken) and b of all, plenty of coffee and conversation with dessert (oreo with cool whip amazingness). Here’s to a week filled with new adventures, phone dates with my nearest and dearest, staying warm and maybe getting my closet in order. Have a great week! xoxo


[ We found the sweetest local grocery store right down the street – same owners since 1950 ]


[ These two ]


[ Favorite perk of working from home is when my husband makes homemade pizza for lunch ]


[ Snow flurries and daisies ]


[ I had some extra special help making buttermilk waffles Saturday morning ]

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