How To Become A Morning Person


1. Get married

2. Get a puppy

No but seriously, that’s pretty much what happened, causing me not to hate waking up and making actual conversation before 8AM. When my husband and I got back from our honeymoon we decided to keep the fresh breakfast trend going by waking up a little earlier, whipping something up in kitchen, and sitting down at the table together (with The Today Show on, of course). It’s a daily ritual I hope we continue for years to come.

So first comes marriage and then comes…a puppy! Buddy is honestly the best puppy – not only is he adorable and a good listener, he’s slept through the night since the day we brought him home! He’s ready for bed when we are and then sleeps like a baby until about 7:15AM – then we hear the sweetest little whimpers. No need for an alarm clock anymore! Buddy has added a few games of fetch to our morning routine which has made it all the sweeter.

I never dreamed I would look forward to an earlier bedtime so I can get up earlier but I must say, I love our new normal. Sure, there are some mornings where I’m half awake making the coffee but I love starting the day off with my two favorites and some homemade goodness.

Soon I’ll share some of our favorite breakfast recipes but first, tell me – are you a morning person? Do you wake up in time for a decent meal or do you stop by the nearest Starbucks on your way into the office (no judgement – that was me for YEARS)? I challenge you to set that alarm just a few minutes earlier and make time to start the day off right! xo

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