Six Things


[ The cutest yogi ]

Hello and happy February to you! This past week we made a point to work on a couple of our new years resolutions: to explore our new town and to properly train Buddy. Taylor and I finally made it to see Into the Woods which was made all the more fun because Taylor played the part of Jack when he was in 8th grade and yes, it all came back to him after hearing the music. We then found a quaint coffee shop in the art district which funnily enough turned out to be filled with hipsters snapping for a poetry reading. We had a good laugh and enjoyed the hot chocolate, which was excellent. As for training Buddy, my husband is such a pro and I give him all the credit for Buddy being able to sit, stay and shake. They’re adorable and so much fun. Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? We watched Katy Perry – Lenny Kravitz for the win – and then the last eight or so minutes…what a game! I wonder if Gisele made Tom a celebratory stack of waffles this morning? Have a great week! xo


[ Fresh blooms and Essie’s Sugar Daddy setting the mood for February ]


[ Date night ]


[ Walking around the art district with this handsome guy ]


[ Saturday morning waffle stack ]


[ Pre-gaming gets wild at our house ]

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